Assembler, Steam-and-gas Turbine Job

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Assembler, Steam-and-gas Turbine Job

1. Fits and assembles machined parts and castings to erect steam and gas turbines according to drawings and specifications, using machine tools, power tools, handtools, and measuring instruments: Erects, levels, and aligns vertical supports for bedplates of steam turbines, using levels, transit, and master straightedge. 2. Lays out work for other assemblers on thrust end, oil tank, and cylinder assemblies, following specified assembly procedure. 3. Chips, grinds, bores, and drills machined parts and castings, using portable grinders, boring bar, and lapping disk. 4. Levels and aligns high and low pressure cylinders, oil tank, thrust end assembly, and exhaust assembly, using pin gauges. 5. Scribes foundation holes, lays out offset marks, and directs machine operator to drill foundation holes. 6. Shrink-fits spindle blade rings, diaphragm rings, dummy rings, ring gears, sleeves, couplings, and bushings on shafts to build turbine spindles, using portable gas heating unit. 7. Measures clearance and alignment of spindle to cylinder, using micrometers and calipers. 8. Adjusts spindle bearing pads or moves blade rings to obtain specified clearances. 9. Starts auxiliary oil pump to flush oil piping and bearings. 10. Starts turbine and measures balance of spindle, using vibroscope. 11. Observes functioning of unit and instruments to adjust alignment and clearances and to assure operation according to specifications. 12. Repairs worn and damaged turbines.


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