Assembler, Metal Furniture Job

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Assembler, Metal Furniture Job

1. Performs any combination of following tasks to assemble metal furniture: Drills holes in parts, such as backrests, covers, and seats, using power drill and template. 2. Fits parts together and fastens them temporarily with clamps and presses. 3. Bolts, staples, or screws parts together, using handtools, such as pliers, wrenches, pneumatic screwdrivers, and staplers. 4. Rivets parts together, using hand or pneumatic hammer. 5. Inserts such parts as casters and scuff plates into holes or slots. 6. Bends fastening devices and fits interlocking parts together with hammer or rubber mallet or by striking parts against floor or workbench. 7. Applies cement to cushions and covers, using brush or spray gun, and joins parts by hand. 8. Pulls and fastens drawstrings, wires, or springs to join precut upholstery covers to armrests, seats, and other parts, using handtools. 9. Inserts drawers into slides and adjusts slides to fit drawer surfaces. 10. Packs furniture for shipment. 11. May bend metal parts, using bending machine. 12. May be designated according to parts assembled as Backrest Assembler; Seat Assembler; or according to type of metal furniture assembled as Art Metal-Chair Assembler; Office-Chair Assembler; Table Assembler, Metal.


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