Assembler, Marking Devices Job

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Assembler, Marking Devices Job

1. Performs any combination of following duties to assemble stencil marking and ink applying devices: Selects parts according to specifications. 2. Aligns parts following guides, such as contours, edges, slots, or fastening devices. 3. Joins parts manually or using handtools, such as wrenches and power screwdrivers, or positions parts on holding device of machine bed under ram, and moves lever to lower ram, joining parts. 4. Performs other tasks, such as cleaning parts, using air gun; fitting ink chambers; and positioning marker in holder of air pressure device that tests marker for leaks in ink valve and chamber. 5. May be designated according to part assembled as Fountain-Brush Assembler; Fountain-Roller Assembler; Pen Assembler.


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