Assembler, Internal Combustion Engine Job

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Assembler, Internal Combustion Engine Job

1. Assembles internal combustion engines according to standard procedures, using handtools, power wrenches, and gauges, performing any of following operations on assembly line: Positions and bolts crankcase, block, and trunion support together to form basic unit of engine, using wrenches, hammer, and power hoist. 2. Mounts crankshaft and camshaft to bearings and tightens bearing caps, using power wrench. 3. Presses gears, sheave, flywheel, or sprocket to shafts, using hand or hydraulic press, and locks them with keys and pins. 4. Inserts cylinder sleeves into engine block or casing and fits piston and connecting rod assembly into cylinder and bolts it to crankshaft. 5. Aligns engine parts, such as camshaft and crankshaft gears, and sets timing and clearances between fixed or moving parts, using aligning gauges, dial indicator, feeler gauges, and timing light. 6. Examines parts or observes movement of completed assemblies to detect malfunction, and discards or replaces defective parts or assemblies. 7. Bolts subassemblies, such as cylinder head, camshaft assembly, fuel pump, carburetor, governor, and water pump, to engine, using torque wrench and other handtools. 8. Flares and connects copper or brass tubing for lubricating and cooling systems, using flaring tools and wrenches. 9. May cut and bend tubing to conform to curvature of engine, using bending fixtures and tubing cutters. 10. May lap cylinder counterbore and valve seats to seat cylinder sleeves and valves, using hand lapping tool and compound. 11. May disassemble, polish, buff, and reassemble motors for demonstration purposes and be designated Assembler, Show Motor. 12. May be designated according to type of engine assembled as Diesel-Engine Assembler; Gasoline-Engine Assembler; Motorcycle-Engine Assembler; Outboard-Motor Assembler.


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