Assembler-installer, General Job

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Assembler-installer, General Job

1. Builds up and joins structural assemblies, such as wing, tail, and fuselage, and installs functional units, parts, or equipment, such as landing gear, control surfaces, doors, stowage units, fuel and oil tanks, wire harnesses, and floorboards, according to specifications, using handtools and power tools: Locates and marks reference points and holes for installation operations, using jigs and templates, or measures from previously established or marked station lines or index points, using measuring instruments, such as scales, micrometer, and square. 2. Cuts, trims, files, drills, reams, cements, or solders assembled units prior to installation, using handtools and power tools. 3. Bolts, screws, or rivets accessories, such as brackets, pulleys, and clips to fasten, support, or hang components and installations. 4. Aligns and fits structural assemblies manually or signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR to position assemblies for joining. 5. Bolts, clamps, and rivets assemblies to fuselage. 6. Installs functional units, parts, or equipment in structural assembly according to blueprints and specifications, using handtools and power tools. 7. Inspects and tests installed units, parts, and equipment to ensure that fit, clearance, alignment, and functional performance comply with standards, using measuring instruments and test equipment.


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