Assembler I Job

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Assembler I Job

1. Assembles and adjusts small arms parts to specifications and tests moving parts to detect malfunctions: Verifies dimensions of parts, using gauges. 2. Screws, pins, and bolts parts together to assemble weapon, using handtools and power tools. 3. Tests action of weapon to detect malfunctions. 4. Disassembles weapon and files, scrapes, and reams parts to fit, using emery cloth, hand files, reamers, and bench grinder. 5. May test-fire weapon, using dummy ammunition.


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Software Engineer

Company: United Arab Emirates University
Job Details: An understanding of assembler (machine code programing) programing would be an advantage as it is required to allow the development of application programming…


Company: ELCA Systems
Job Details: Ideally experience as automation technician / electrician / mechanical / mechanic / assembler / powerline technician or similar. Delivery a high quality output.

Logic Engineer

Company: Interel
Job Details: 1-3 years of experience with OOP, Assembler, VBA, VB, C/ C++ Programming. Receive and review System Operational Requirements.

Embedded software & hardware developer

Company: Cell Start Telecom
Job Details: Assembler, C/C++, Java, Pascal (Delphi). RS232, Ethernet, USB, SPI, I2C, ISO7816, JTAG. Electronic devices production cycle understanding (Schematic/PCB/Samples…

Machine Assembler

Company: GAMI Air Conditioners Manufacturing Company LLC
Job Details: Interpret engineering blueprints and technical terms. Discern quality of parts and materials used in production. Follow company procedures and directives.


Company: BOTHANI
Job Details: Experience MINIMUM 5 YEAR OF EXPERIENCE Years. Education/Qualification Diploma/Certificate, Basic reading skills. Job Location United Arab Emirates.


Company: BOTHANI
Job Details: Experience MINIMUM 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Years. Education/Qualification iploma/Certificate, Basic reading skills. Job Location United Arab Emirates.

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