Assembler, Dry Cell And Battery Job

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Assembler, Dry Cell And Battery Job

1. Performs any combination of following tasks to assemble dry cells and dry batteries: Removes cans from cartons and racks cans in trays. 2. Drops washer into bottom of cans. 3. Pulls lever to drain measured amount of liquid paste into can. 4. Places paper liner over open end of can. 5. Drops core into can, forcing spider to line can and wrap core. 6. Observes conveyor-fed electrical-test-and-reject mechanism that contacts and tests finished cells and removes defective cells from conveyor. 7. Inserts cells in partitioned containers to make battery. 8. Positions perforated metal plate on carbon rods of cells in battery to straighten and center rods. 9. Places battery on conveyor leading to next station, where worker removes and returns cover. 10. Bends wires on cells preparatory to soldering of wires to cells in adjacent row. 11. Drains or pours hot asphalt into battery-container, using dispensing device or ladle. 12. Places battery in container and presses it into asphalt. 13. Places finished batteries in cartons. 14. May be designated according to task performed as Core Dropper; Wire Bender.


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