Assembler, Corncob Pipes Job

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Assembler, Corncob Pipes Job

1. Joins parts, such as bowls and stems, to assemble corncob pipes, performing any combination of following tasks: Dips end of pipestem in glue and taps stem into pipe bowl, using mallet. 2. Hammers metal ferrule onto end of pipestem and holds end of stem over rotating reamer to enlarge hole in stem for insertion of mouthpiece. 3. Positions pipe bowl over flexible airhose and bends hose to release air that blows sawdust from reamed bowl. 4. Inserts paper filter or metal cleaner into mouthpiece of pipe and taps mouthpiece into pipestem, using mallet. 5. May apply decals to pipes. 6. May hold pipe bowl over rotating reamer to cut end of stem that protrudes into bowl or bevel end of pipe stem for insertion into pipe bowl, using cutting blade. 7. May rotate pipe on heated die or against flame to char and color pipe bowl.


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