Assembler, Camper Job

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Assembler, Camper Job

1. Assembles camper bodies and installs interior units according to diagrams and written specifications, performing any combination of following tasks: Assembles and secures floor to camper frame, using power screwdriver. 2. Fastens side and end sections to frame, using hammer and screwdriver. 3. Spreads mastic on floor and lays linoleum tile, using trowel and tile roller. 4. Installs interior paneling and prefabricated cabinets, using staple gun. 5. Uncrates refrigerator, stove, and water container, and inspects exterior surfaces to detect dents and scratches. 6. Connects water supply and drainage lines to sink, using wrenches. 7. Slides appliances into specified cabinets and glues molding around edges of cabinets to secure appliances, using glue gun. 8. Attaches hinges to cabinet doors and installs doors on cabinets, using screwdriver. 9. May be designated according to part assembled or unit installed as Appliance Installer; Cabinet-And-Trim Installer; Floor Finisher; Floor Framer; Side Framer.


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