Assembler And Wirer, Industrial Equipment Job

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Assembler And Wirer, Industrial Equipment Job

1. Installs electrical wiring and assembles components in control cabinets, electrical and industrial equipment, and related industrial apparatus, according to blueprints and wiring diagrams: Squares, aligns, and assembles bases, sills, cabinet frames, or equipment structural components, on floor or floor plate, using jacks, clamps, squares, plumb line and dial indicator. 2. Lays out diagram for electrical installations according to wiring specifications. 3. Drills and taps holes in specified locations for mounting control units, using handtools and drill press. 4. Attaches breakers, relays, contactors, bus bars, transformers, insulators, regulator cabinets, condenser units, motor and generator sets, meters, plugging devices, and fuse blocks to mounting holes with bolts and screws, using wrenches, screwdrivers, and nut runners. 5. Cuts, strips, bends, and forms wire cable, conduit, pipe, and tubing used to connect circuits and subassemblies, using hacksaw, bandsaw, pipe cutters, and mechanical or hydraulic pipe or cable benders. 6. Connects color-coded wires, using mirrors in compact areas. 7. Solders connections and crimps connectors to wire ends, using soldering iron and pliers. 8. Tests and adjusts electrical assemblies, using electrician’s handtools and test equipment. 9. Discusses errors in diagrams or production order with supervisor or engineer to clarify assembly problems. 10. May be designated according to unit assembled as Assembler, Dielectric Heater; Control-Cabinet Assembler; Welding-Machine Assembler.


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