Asphalt-distributor Tender Job

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Asphalt-distributor Tender Job

1. Tends bituminous distributor on rear of road-oiling truck that sprays tar, asphalt, road oils, and emulsions over highways, streets, and parking areas: Snaps or screws on spray bars to attain required width of spray. 2. Turns valve to regulate flow of material at specified rate. 3. Moves levers to adjust height of spray bar from road surfaces. 4. Signals ROAD-OILING-TRUCK DRIVER or ASPHALT-PAVING-MACHINE OPERATOR to start and stop truck or paving machine. 5. Observes distribution of material over road surface to ensure uniform distribution. 6. Turns handwheels to set angle and depth of screed. 7. Verifies depth specifications of compacted asphalt, using depth gauge. 8. Monitors flow gauges, tachometer, and temperature gauge. 9. Oils and lubricates equipment.


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