Artist, Suspect Job

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Artist, Suspect Job

1. Selects set of facial features from inventory, and arranges features to form composite image of persons suspected of criminal activities based on descriptions obtained from victims and witnesses to crimes: Assembles and arranges outlines of features, such as head contours, noses, eyes, lips, chins, and hair lines and styles, to form composite image, according to information provided by witness or victim. 2. Operates photocopy or similar machine to reproduce composite image. 3. Draws moles, scars, and other identifying marks, using pens, pencils, and other artist’s work aids, to retouch copy. 4. Alters copy of composite image until witness or victim is satisfied that composite is best possible representation of suspect. 5. Classifies and codes components of image, using established system, to help identify suspect. 6. Searches, or helps witness or victim to search, police photograph records, using classification and coding system, to determine if existing photograph of suspect is available.


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