Artificial-foliage Arranger Job

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Artificial-foliage Arranger Job

1. Cuts out, assembles, and installs artificial foliage, such as trees, shrubs, and flowers, to achieve aesthetic effects in commercial and industrial locations, using handtools and working as member of team: Receives instructions from supervisor, and reviews work orders to determine materials needed, such as soil, stones, styrofoam, planters, and artificial floral items, to complete customer’s request. 2. Selects, cuts, and assembles materials to form artificial flowers, trees, and shrubs, utilizing experience and knowledge of floral design and using clips, wire, glue, colored tape, scissors, and wire cutters. 3. Loads materials into van, and drives van to deliver artificial floral displays to customer’s premise. 4. Arranges displays at customer’s premise to create natural effect, utilizing ground covers, such as gravel, pinebark, and soil, according to effect desired by customer. 5. Services arrangements to replace or repair damaged items and to rearrange displays as specified by customer. 6. Prepares daily reports of materials used in each arrangement to maintain inventory records.


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