Armature Tester I Job

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Armature Tester I Job

1. Tests armatures and field assemblies for motors to locate short, open, or grounded circuits, using electrical test apparatus that shows defects on panel meters or oscillograph patterns: Places armature in fixture equipped with brush contactors or touches test prods to commutator bars to make bar-to-bar and similar tests. 2. Compares meter readings with fixed calibration on meter to determine shorts, opens, and grounds. 3. Connects master unit, such as armature or field assembly, to terminals of winding tester. 4. Looks into oscilloscope to compare test pattern of each unit tested with master unit. 5. Turns dials to create different test situations and recognizes differences from master pattern. 6. Inspects unit for mechanical defects. 7. Scrapes chips and dirt from commutator slots, using brush and pick. 8. Records quantity and classification of rejects and total number tested. 9. May replace and revarnish string bands, reconnect leads, and resolder connections to repair armatures.


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