Arch-support Technician Job

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Arch-support Technician Job

1. Fabricates steel arch support to fit patient’s foot, according to medical prescription: Receives plaster cast of foot from PROSTHETIST or PODIATRIST. 2. Places protection cloth into cast and fills cast with plaster to mold model of patient’s foot. 3. Removes hardened model from cast and traces model outline on paper to use as pattern in cutting support. 4. Selects stainless steel sheet of prescribed thickness and cuts sheet to specified dimensions, using shears, guided by pattern. 5. Hammers steel into prescribed contours to form support and places support against plaster model to determine accuracy of fit. 6. Splits support into front and back pieces when indicated according to prescription, using shears. 7. Polishes support, using abrasive wheel. 8. Glues leather to bottom of arch support to protect shoe, and rivets additional leather across top edge for foot comfort, using riveting tool.


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