Appliance Repairer Job

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Appliance Repairer Job

1. Repairs portable, household electrical appliances, such as fans, heaters, vacuum cleaners, toasters, and flatirons, on assembly line: Refers to inspector’s checklist, or defect-symbol marked on appliance, to identify defective or malfunctioning part. 2. Disassembles appliance to remove defective part, using power screwdrivers, soldering iron, and handtools. 3. Installs new part, and reassembles appliance. 4. Records nature of repair in log or on mechanical counting device. 5. Maintains stock of replacement parts. 6. May determine repair requirements by connecting appliance to power source or examining parts for defects while disassembling. 7. May file or bend parts to remove burrs or to improve alignment and fit. 8. May hold appliance against buffing or polishing wheel to remove scratches from metal surfaces. 9. May touch up paint defects, using brush or spray gun. 10. May be designated according to part repaired as Heating-Element Repairer; or appliance repaired as Electric-Frying-Pan Repairer; Food-Mixer Repairer; Toaster-Element Repairer; Vacuum-Cleaner Repairer.


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