Ankle-patch Molder Job

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Ankle-patch Molder Job

1. Operates electrically heated machine to mold plastic trademark ankle patch onto quarters for sneakers: Pours liquid plastic into feeder tank. 2. Lifts plate cover, equipped with two die openings for simultaneous molding of right and left quarters. 3. Slides dies into holders, tightens screws and replaces plate, using wrench. 4. Starts machine and presses button to blow air through sprue holes in dies to clear openings. 5. Brushes silicone on dies to prevent sticking. 6. Positions right and left quarters over die openings on plate with edges against guide pins. 7. Presses buttons to lower rams onto quarters, inject plastic to fill dies, and mold patches. 8. Examines molded pieces for defects, such as insufficient plastic, lack of adhesion to cloth, discoloration, or unclear imprint, and rejects defective pieces. 9. Cleans adhering plastic from die grooves and sprue holes, using metal pick. 10. Adjusts rheostat to vary heat setting, according to size of die and to correct defects.


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