Animal Trainer Job

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Animal Trainer Job

1. Trains animals to obey commands, compete in shows, or perform tricks to entertain audience: Evaluates animal to determine temperament, ability, and aptitude for training. 2. Conducts training program to develop desired behavior. 3. May organize format of show. 4. May conduct show. 5. May cue or signal animal during performance. 6. May rehearse animal according to script for motion picture or television film or stage or circus program. 7. May train guard dog to protect property. 8. May teach guide dog and master to function as team. 9. May feed, exercise, and give general care to animal. 10. May observe animal’s physical condition to detect illness or unhealthy condition requiring medical care. 11. May be designated according to specific animal trained. 12. May be designated Head Animal Trainer or Senior Animal Trainer when directing activities of other workers.


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