Animal-nursery Worker Job

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Animal-nursery Worker Job

1. Cares for newborn and young animals in zoo nursery and exhibit area: Prepares liquid formula, cereal, and other foods for young animals according to direction of ZOO VETERINARIAN and prepares standard diet foods for mothers of newborn animals according to requirements of species. 2. Fills sterilized nursing bottles with formula and feeds animals that have been orphaned or deserted, or that require food in addition to that provided by mother. 3. Observes newborn animals to detect indications of abnormality or disease, and notifies ZOO VETERINARIAN when such indications are evident. 4. Periodically conducts physical examination of young animals, performing such tasks as taking temperatures, blood pressure, and pulse rate, and weighing and measuring animals. 5. Maintains records of animal weights, sizes, and physical conditions to be used in zoo account of animals born in captivity. 6. Adjusts humidity and temperature controls to maintain specified environmental conditions in nursery or exhibit area. 7. Installs equipment such as infrared light stands, cribs, or feeding devices in young animal exhibit area. 8. Explains to visitors procedures for care and feeding of young animals, and answers questions concerning factors such as native habitats and breeding habits. 9. Observes children petting or feeding animals in designated area and cautions children against activities that might be harmful to animals.


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