Animal Keeper Job

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Animal Keeper Job

1. Feeds, waters, and cleans quarters of animals and birds in zoo, circus, or menagerie: Prepares food for charges by chopping or grinding meat, fish, fruit, or vegetables; mixing prepared, dry, or liquid commercial feeds; or unbaling forage grasses. 2. Adds vitamins or medication to food as prescribed by VETERINARIAN. 3. Fills water containers and places food in cages as specified. 4. Cleans animals’ quarters, using rake, water hose, and disinfectant. 5. Observes animals to detect illnesses and injuries and notifies ANIMAL KEEPER, HEAD or VETERINARIAN of findings. 6. Transfers animals from one enclosure to another for purposes such as breeding, giving birth, rearrangement of exhibits, or shipping. 7. Sets temperature and humidity controls of quarters as specified. 8. Answers visitors’ questions concerning animals’ habits or zoo operations. 9. Bathes and grooms animals as required. 10. May assist VETERINARIAN in treatment of animals for illnesses and injuries. 11. May assist ANIMAL TRAINER or instructor in presentation of programs, shows, or lectures. 12. May assist maintenance staff in cleaning zoo facilities. 13. May be designated according to animal cared for as Bear Keeper; Elephant Keeper; Monkey Keeper; or according to species as Bird Keeper; Mammal Keeper. 14. May direct activities of other workers.


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