Animal Caretaker Job

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Animal Caretaker Job

1. Performs any combination of following duties to attend animals, such as mice, canaries, guinea pigs, mink, dogs, and monkeys, on farms and in facilities, such as kennels, pounds, hospitals, and laboratories: Feeds and waters animals according to schedules. 2. Cleans and disinfects cages, pens, and yards and sterilizes laboratory equipment and surgical instruments. 3. Examines animals for signs of illness and treats them according to instructions. 4. Transfers animals between quarters. 5. Adjusts controls to regulate temperature and humidity of animals’ quarters. 6. Records information according to instructions, such as genealogy, diet, weight, medications, food intake, and license number. 7. Anesthetizes, inoculates, shaves, bathes, clips, and grooms animals. 8. Repairs cages, pens, or fenced yards. 9. May kill and skin animals, such as fox and rabbit, and pack pelts in crates. 10. May be designated according to place worked such as Dog-Pound Attendant; Farmworker, Fur; Helper, Animal Laboratory; Kennel Attendant; Pet Shop Attendant; Veterinary-Hospital Attendant.


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