Analyst, Food And Beverage Job

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Analyst, Food And Beverage Job

1. Examines food samples and food service records and other data to determine sales appeal and cost of preparing and serving meals and beverages in establishments, such as restaurants and cafeterias or for chain of food establishments: Tastes food samples to determine palatability and customer appeal. 2. Estimates number of servings obtainable from standard and original recipes and unit cost of preparation. 3. Converts recipes for use in quantity preparation. 4. Studies reservation lists and previous records and forecasts customer traffic and number of servings required for specified period of time. 5. May investigate complaints relative to faulty cooking or quality of ingredients. 6. May plan menus. 7. May specialize in industrial-employee food service or cafeteria food service. 8. May supervise FOOD-AND-BEVERAGE CONTROLLER and kitchen employees.


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