Amusement Park Worker Job

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Amusement Park Worker Job

1. Performs any combination of following duties in amusement park: Escorts patrons on tours of park’s points of interest. 2. Takes pictures of patrons to impart pictures onto T-shirts, using camera, automatic printing equipment, and heating press. 3. Maintains and distributes uniforms worn by park employees. 4. Cleans park grounds, office facilities, and rest room areas, using broom, dust pan, or vacuum cleaner. 5. Distributes literature, such as maps, show schedules, and pass information, to acquaint visitors with park facilities. 6. Monitors activities of children using park playground area to ensure safe use of equipment. 7. Directs patrons to seats for park attractions and opens doors to assist patrons’ entry and exit from attractions. 8. Receives cash for tickets or items sold to patrons and records sales, using cash register.


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