Ammonia-still Operator Job

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Ammonia-still Operator Job

1. Operates stills, pumps, and related equipment to extract and refine ammonia from ammonia liquor: Adjusts feed valves to regulate flow of liquor and steam to stills and water to condensers and dephlegmator. 2. Reads thermometers and gauges, adjusts valves, and regulates pumps to maintain specified temperatures and pressures to boil off waste vapors and ammonia. 3. Pumps ammonia to saturator for mixing with water to produce liquid ammonia, and pumps ammonia to storage tanks. 4. Pumps waste liquor to sewer. 5. Determines amount of ammonia in waste liquor and water, using titrattion test, and adjusts temperatures and pressures to reduce loss of ammonia. 6. Keeps record of pressures, temperatures, test results, and amount of liquor and steam fed to stills. 7. May produce concentrated ammonia liquor by condensing vapors in water-cooled condensers. 8. Cleans work area, using broom, brushes, and lime.


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