Airport Attendant Job

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Airport Attendant Job

1. Performs any combination of following duties in maintenance of small airports and in servicing aircraft: Periodically inspects buildings and hangars to detect fire hazards and violations of airport regulations. 2. Examines firefighting equipment to detect malfunctions and fills depleted fire extinguishers. 3. Performs necessary minor repairs to fire trucks and tractors. 4. Fills light bombs with kerosene and positions bombs on landing field to illuminate danger areas. 5. Cleans, fills, and lights smokepots used to indicate wind direction, and repairs or replaces windsock and other wind indicating devices. 6. Replaces defective bulbs or burnt-out fuses in lighting equipment, such as landing lights and boundary lights. 7. Fills holes and levels low places and bumps in runways and taxiing areas. 8. Cuts grass on airport grounds. 9. May be required to possess Red Cross first-aid certificate to render emergency treatment to victims.


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