Airplane-charter Clerk Job

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Airplane-charter Clerk Job

1. Charters or rents airplanes to licensed pilots, licensed flight instructors, or charters aircraft to passenger-customers with company pilot: Determines purpose, destination, dates and time of flight, and number of passengers to select appropriate airplane for charter. 2. Examines pilot’s license to assure customer is qualified to pilot aircraft or is qualified to train students, or notifies company pilot of requested flight. 3. Prepares rental or charter forms and secures customer’s signature. 4. Reserves airplane and records flight information in logbook. 5. Informs other workers to fuel, clean, and move airplane to flight line. 6. Computes customer’s charges based on hours flown and company rate schedule. 7. Receives payment or records credit charges. 8. Prepares monthly bills. 9. Requisitions and keeps records of office and airplane supplies. 10. May inspect airplanes periodically to check if they are properly cleaned and serviced. 11. May file flight plans with airport traffic controller. 12. May provide pilots with weather forecasts and airplane specifications.


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