Airline Security Representative Job

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Airline Security Representative Job

1. Screens passengers and visitors for weapons, explosives, or other forbidden articles to prevent articles from being carried into restricted area of air terminal, performing any combination of following tasks: Greets individuals desiring to enter restricted area and informs them that they must be screened prior to entry. 2. Asks individual to empty contents of pockets into tray. 3. Examines contents of tray for forbidden articles and directs individual to pass through metal-detecting device. 4. Asks individual to remove metal articles from person if metal detector signals presence of metal, or uses hand held metal detector to locate metal item on person. 5. Places carry-on baggage or other containers onto x-ray device, actuates device controls, and monitors screen to detect forbidden articles. 6. Requests owner to open baggage or containers when x ray shows questionable contents. 7. Returns baggage and tray contents to individual if no forbidden articles are detected. 8. Notifies GUARD, SECURITY if forbidden articles are discovered or detector equipment indicates further search is needed. 9. May turn on power and make adjustments to equipment. 10. May perform duties of GUARD, SECURITY. 11. May screen boarding passengers against Federal Aviation Administration approved profile of aircraft hijackers. 12. May make reports.


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