Aircraft-photographic-equipment Mechanic Job

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Aircraft-photographic-equipment Mechanic Job

1. Assembles, adjusts, tests, and modifies aircraft cameras according to engineering drawings and sketches, using handtools and bench machines: Reads and interprets engineering drawings and verbal instructions to determine fabrication methods and sequence of fabrication. 2. Lays out reference points and dimensions on parts to be machined, using precision measuring instruments. 3. Fabricates parts to specifications, using bench lathe, milling machine, shaper, and grinder. 4. Measures parts to verify specified dimensions, using micrometer, dial gauges, and vernier caliper. 5. Cuts, bends, drills, and fastens parts to assemble, repair, or modify camera, using handtools. 6. Fabricates and installs electrical assemblies and wiring in camera housing, using handtools and soldering equipment. 7. Tests camera units for operational efficiency, using calibrating instruments, multimeter, and stroboscope and adjusts mechanisms to correct inefficient operation. 8. Installs film in camera and adjusts camera mechanisms to record sharpest image consistent with speed of aircraft, weather conditions, and object or terrain to be photographed. 9. Records test data, prepares reports on fabricating techniques used, and recommends modifications to resolve problems.


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