Aircraft Mechanic, Armament Job

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Aircraft Mechanic, Armament Job

1. Assembles, installs, and adjusts aircraft armament parts, assemblies, and accessories, according to specifications, using handtools, power tools, and measuring instruments: Cleans and oils armament parts, units, and accessories. 2. Attaches armament mounts to aircraft, using handtools and power tools. 3. Assembles armament system components, such as guns, gun cameras, bomb racks, missile pods, and firing devices, using measuring instruments, handtools, and power tools. 4. Installs parts, assemblies, and accessories in specified location on aircraft, using handtools, power tools, and lifting devices. 5. Installs and connects control cables to electronically controlled units, using handtools, ring locks, cotter keys, threaded connectors, turnbuckles, and related devices, and adjusts cables to specified tolerances. 6. Aligns, adjusts, and synchronizes aircraft armament, using sighting devices and handtools. 7. Tests functional performance of installed units and adjusts, repairs, or replaces malfunctioning units. 8. Prepares and loads live ammunition, missiles, and bombs onto aircraft, according to established procedure. 9. May assist in operational checkout of entire armament system, including test firing, on ground or during test flight.


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