Airbrush Artist Job

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Airbrush Artist Job

1. Restores damaged and faded photographs or colors and shades drawings to simulate photographs, using airbrush: Examines drawing or photographic print to determine coloring, shading, and changes required. 2. Cuts out masking template, using shears, and positions templates on control areas to be sprayed. 3. Mixes ink or paint solutions according to color specifications and spraying consistency desired. 4. Sprays solution over control area to fill in and blend missing parts of photograph or to give depth, perspective, and tone to drawing, using airbrush. 5. Builds up or changes photograph backgrounds to block out undesirable or distracting details, using airbrush. 6. Inks borders and lettering on illustrations and paints in details missing from photographs, using pen, brush, and drafting instruments. 7. Rubs eraser over specified areas and applies white ink to highlight illustrations, using brush or pen. 8. May specialize in mechanical and industrial designs and be designated Airbrush Artist, Technical; or in photograph restoring and be designated Airbrush Artist, Photography.


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