Air-conditioning Installer-servicer, Window Unit Job

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Air-conditioning Installer-servicer, Window Unit Job

1. Installs, services, and repairs window air-conditioning units, ranging from 1/2 to 2 tons capacity, in private residences and small establishments: Inspects existing wiring, fuses, or circuit-breaker panels on customer’s premises to ensure adequate power supply for operating air-conditioner. 2. Measures window, transom, or other existing openings for air-conditioning unit, using measuring tape or rule, or cuts opening through wall, using mallet and cold chisel. 3. Assembles and positions support brackets in place, using screws, clamps, or other braces, and power tools and handtools. 4. Fills space between window support and edge of opening with caulking compound and filler board. 5. Places air-conditioner on support frame and secures unit in position, leveling unit, using screws, clips, and bolts. 6. Starts unit, adjusts controls, and listens for excessive noise or sounds indicating malfunction. 7. Examines malfunctioning unit for defective parts, utilizing knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and refrigeration theory, to determine cause of malfunction. 8. Dismantles whole or part of unit, as indicated by type of malfunction, and repairs or replaces such parts as switches, relays, fan motors, thermostats, and other components, using handtools and power tools. 9. Replaces filters, lubricates unit, and adjusts controls. 10. Reassembles unit, making necessary adjustments to ensure efficient operation. 11. May give instructions to customer regarding operation and care of unit. 12. May estimate cost of repairs or adjustments. 13. May remove unit from customer’s premises for major repairs or overhaul in shop, or for return to manufacturer for extensive repairs. 14. May repair sealed refrigeration units of machines. 15. For installation, service, and repair of central air-conditioning units, see HEATING-AND-AIR-CONDITIONING INSTALLER-SERVICER.


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