Air-compressor Operator Job

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Air-compressor Operator Job

1. Tends air compressors driven by steam, electric, or gasoline powered units, to generate and supply compressed air for operation of pneumatic tools, hoists, and air lances: Starts power unit to build up specified pressure in compressor. 2. Adjusts controls or sets automatic controls to maintain continuous air supply to pneumatic tools or equipment. 3. Observes temperature and pressure gauges and adjusts controls accordingly. 4. Lubricates and cleans equipment. 5. May connect pipelines from compressor to pneumatic tools or equipment. 6. May repair low pressure steam boilers that furnish power for air compressor units by disassembling unit of boiler and replacing damaged parts, using handtools. 7. May be designated according to type of equipment operated as Air-Compressor Operator, Stationary; Compressor Operator, Portable.


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