Agricultural-chemicals Inspector Job

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Agricultural-chemicals Inspector Job

1. Inspects establishments where agricultural service products, such as livestock feed and remedies, fertilizers, and pesticides, are manufactured, sold, or used to ensure conformance to laws regulating product quality and labeling: Visits processing plants, distribution warehouses, sales outlets, agricultural pest control service organizations, and farmers to collect product samples for analysis and to examine fresh and dried produce for spray residue. 2. Inspects product label information concerning ingredients and advertising claims for conformance to chemical analysis of ingredients and documented effects of use. 3. Investigates suspected violations of product quality and labeling laws. 4. Interviews farmers, merchants, and others to determine nature of suspected violations and to obtain documented evidence to be used in legal action against violators. 5. Calls on dealers to determine that licensing requirements have been met, and calls on manufacturers and distributors to collect delinquent tonnage reports. 6. Prepares reports of all inspections and investigations for review by supervisory personnel and for use as evidence in legal action initiated by others.


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