Aeronautical Engineer Job

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Aeronautical Engineer Job

1. Designs, develops, and tests aircraft, space vehicles, surface effect vehicles, missiles, and related component systems, applying engineering principles and techniques: Designs and develops commercial, military, executive, general aviation, or special purpose aircraft, space vehicles, satellites, missiles, or related hardware or systems. 2. Tests models, prototypes, subassemblies, or production vehicles to study and evaluate operational characteristics and effects of stress imposed during actual or simulated flight conditions. 3. May specialize in design and development of structural components, such as wings, fuselage, rib assemblies, landing gear, or operational control systems. 4. May specialize in analytical programs concerned with ground or flight testing, or development of acoustic, thermodynamic, or propulsion systems. 5. May assist in planning technical phases of air transportation systems or other aspects of flight operations, maintenance, or logistics.


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Job Details: Develops specifications and performance test requirements to facilitate procurement of parts and equipment for aeronautical and aerospace products:....

ANSYS CFD Application Engineer. UAE Office

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Engineer - Aircraft Platform

Company: GAL
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Flight Dispatcher (FD)

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