Aerodynamicist Job

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Aerodynamicist Job

1. Plans and conducts analysis of aerodynamic, thermodynamic, aerothermodynamic, and aerophysics concepts, systems, and designs to resolve problems and determine suitability and application to aircraft and aerospace products: Establishes computational methods and computer input data for analyzing problems. 2. Analyzes designs and develops configurations to ensure satisfactory static and dynamic stability and control characteristics for completed vehicle. 3. Initiates and assists in formulating and evaluating laboratory, flight, and wind tunnel test programs, and prepares reports and conclusions for other engineering and design personnel. 4. Coordinates activities of model design group and model shop to assure required configuration of wind tunnel models. 5. Prepares air load data on vehicle to conform to aerodynamic requirements. 6. May prepare reports on results of analyses, such as flight performance validation, aircraft configuration, trade studies, and aircraft certification. 7. May confer with customer on performance problems during operational life of vehicle. 8. May specialize in analysis of thermodynamic effects and be designated Thermodynamics Engineer.


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