Advertising-space Clerk Job

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Advertising-space Clerk Job

1. Measures and draws outlines of advertising space on dummy newspaper copy and compiles and records identifying data on dummy copy and other worksheets used as guides for production workers: Computes total inches of advertising and news copy for next day’s edition, using adding machine, and reads chart to determine required number of newspaper pages. 2. Measures and draws outlines of advertisements in sizes specified onto dummy copy sheets, using pencil and ruler and arranging advertisements on each sheet so that competitive ones do not appear on same page and balance is attained. 3. Records name of advertiser and dimensions of advertisement within ruled outlines and date and page number on each sheet. 4. Extracts data from dummy copy and other sources and records onto lineage breakdown sheets. 5. Delivers dummy copy and lineage breakdown sheets to designated production and administrative personnel for review and use.


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