Adjuster, Electrical Contacts Job

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Adjuster, Electrical Contacts Job

1. Adjusts contacts and springs of electrical apparatus, such as relays and switches, to permit opening and closing of circuits and flow of current: Examines apparatus for defects, such as damaged coil cover, bent springs and contacts, misaligned armatures and contacts, and missing parts. 2. Verifies clearance and tension of parts, using feeler and tension gauges and shadowgraph. 3. Turns dials of test equipment to specified settings. 4. Positions apparatus in holding fixture, shadowgraph, or test board and presses control buttons to activate test equipment. 5. Observes meters and lights on test equipment to determine factors, such as amperage required to close contacts, operating sequence and release timing of contacts, and electrical continuity. 6. May verify mechanical operation of apparatus by manipulating apparatus with fingers. 7. Bends parts, such as armature, contacts, and tension springs, to assure apparatus operates as specified, using handtools. 8. Stamps and sorts defective and adjusted apparatus into stock pans for repair or further processing. 9. May be designated according to type of apparatus adjusted as Crossbar-Switch Adjuster; Relay Adjuster; Switch Adjuster; Wire-Spring-Relay Adjuster. 10. May verify adjustment of relays on sample basis and be designated Relay Checker. 11. May adjust fluorescent lamp starters and be designated Starter Adjuster.


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