Acupuncturist Job

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Acupuncturist Job

1. Administers specific therapeutic treatment of symptoms and disorders amenable to acupuncture procedures, as specifically indicated by supervising physician: Reviews patient’s medical history, physical findings, and diagnosis made by physician to ascertain symptoms or disorder to be treated. 2. Selects needles of various lengths, according to location of insertion. 3. Inserts needles at locations of body known to be efficacious to certain disorders, utilizing knowledge of acupuncture points and their functions. 4. Leaves needles in patient for specific length of time, according to symptom or disorder treated, and removes needles. 5. Burns bark of mugwort tree in small strainer to administer moxibustion treatment. 6. Covers insertion area with cloth and rubs strainer over cloth to impart heat and assist in relieving patient’s symptoms.


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