Accordion Tuner Job

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Accordion Tuner Job

1. Tunes accordions by aurally comparing pitch of reeds with master reeds and filing reeds to obtain standard pitch: Places set of reeds to be tuned in slots in tuning table. 2. Depresses pedal to operate bellows and presses key to blow or draw air through reed to be tuned and master reed. 3. Files reed being tuned until pitch corresponds to master. 4. Replaces defective leather valves. 5. Measures and mixes glue. 6. Places tuned reeds in reed blocks and secures them with glue. 7. Verifies pitch of master reeds by comparing with pitch of vibrating tuning bar or fork. 8. Files reeds until pitch corresponds to pitch of tuning bar or fork. 9. May disassemble and reassemble used instruments to tune reeds.


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