Absorption-and-adsorption Engineer Job

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Absorption-and-adsorption Engineer Job

1. Designs equipment and devises chemical processes to remove and separate components of gas mixture or liquid solutions by absorption and adsorption, using knowledge of chemistry and engineering: Devises processes and directs workers, using equipment, such as crushers, grinders, kilns, screens, pumps, compressors, pipelines, valves, tanks, and separators. 2. Directs workers controlling flow of liquid or gas through an adsorbent, such as fuller’s earth, clays, carbons, charcoal, and bone char in granular form; or mixing adsorbent with liquid or gas and removing adsorbent by filtration, settling, or combination of both. 3. Directs workers, using absorption method to remove soluble constituent of gas or vapor by dissolving it in a liquid, using packed columns or towers into which liquid is sprayed.


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