Abrasive-coating-machine Operator Job

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Abrasive-coating-machine Operator Job

1. Sets up and operates machine to coat cloth, fiber, or paper with granules of abrasive material: Positions machine guides and stops on machine bed according to size of base material, using rule or template. 2. Turns screws to adjust valve openings to regulate thickness of abrasive coating sprinkled on base material. 3. Dumps specified abrasive, such as flint, garnet, emery, or corundum into container on machine. 4. Positions flat piece of base material on machine bed and against guides and stops. 5. Starts machine and manually feeds base material through machine. 6. Examines base material for uniformity and thickness of abrasive coating. 7. May operate machine to coat rolls of base material with abrasive granules.


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