Find a Promising Career in Dubai with the Right Salary Negotiation Tips

Find a Promising Career in Dubai with the Right Salary Negotiation Tips


When you plan to work abroad, Dubai is one of the most preferred options among expat job seekers. If you are one of them, the following post offers useful tips to land into your dream job at your expected salary package. Read on to know more…

Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the UAE. Known for its culture and people from across the globe, Dubai is considered as the most sought after destination for finding lucrative jobs. Apart from high, tax-free income, Dubai is seen as an attractive place due to its lifestyle and high rise buildings.

Why to look for Employment in Dubai?

Dubai is known for high salaries, tax-free income and excellent work culture. Several industries in the UAE and the Middle East offer employment opportunities to expat workers due to the growing businesses in Dubai. Whether your interest lies in Information technology, Engineering, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Medicine or Construction, employment opportunities in Dubai are unlimited. Expats interested in living and working in Dubai can easily find and relate with a close knit community of expat workers who are enjoying excellent career prospects in the location.

Once your job search is successful and you are ready to accept a job offer, salary negotiation is an important part of your final selection.

Salary Negotiation Tips

Everyone dreams of taking home the salary package that commensurate with work experience, skills and abilities. The best time to enter into salary negotiation is when the employer has given you a concrete offer. “What is your expected salary?” is one of the most important questions in a job interview.

So, if you are not prepared to answer this question, take a look at some of the useful tips for negotiation:

Check your worth

In order to negotiate a salary offer, it is imperative that you know your worth. This can be judged by considering your years of work experience, industry knowledge, added skill sets, and job role. Researching about salary information for the related job roles and position can help you to know your prospective worth. Get an insight into the key highlights of the UAE salary survey 2014 by Morgan McKinley:

Wait for your turn

It is always advisable that you should not jump into salary discussion yourself. Wait for the recruiter to break the ice. Once the employer questions about your salary expectation, this is the time to mention a salary range that is neither too high or below your previous salary. As per the rule of thumb, a 20% hike over your last salary package is the minimum expectation. Moreover, allowing the employer to mention the salary package first gives you an opportunity to get an estimate of the salary that you can ask for.

Justify it

Salary negotiation is not only about stating your desired package. You need to also justify it in order to convince the employer. If you have relevant work experience in the job role offered, you can highlight your knowledge in the field. However, do not look rigid or adamant on the package that you have demanded.

Be patient with your final decision

Take time to ponder over the final offer and say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ only after evaluating the offer properly. Saying ‘yes’ too soon may result in feeling underpaid and give reasons to resign from the job later on. Consider other factors such as perks, medical benefits, flexible work hours, leaves offered, insurance coverage and paid vacations apart from salary. Such factors augment the overall package in terms of monetary value. Reputation of the company may also become a vital factor to accept the job offer.

Be prepared to say or hear a “No”

It is not necessary that your negotiation turns into a success. If you find the final offer not at par with your capabilities and expectation, have courage to say ‘no’ or hear ‘no’ from the employer. Remember, this is not an end to your job search and understand that the current competitive job market demands a fair negotiation skill. At the same time, it is crucial to keep your emotions in check and be professional.


Jobseekers in Dubai can find several reliable expat forums on the Internet that can assist you in searching job posts in the employment sector of Dubai. A thorough online research can also give you a fair idea about the job scenario in Dubai, booming sectors and top employers.

Read more about the employment laws in the UAE to become a suitable employee for working in Dubai. gives the required information about labor laws in the UAE.

Finding job and then negotiating salary can be a complicated task. However, adopting a right approach can help you to come up with flying colors and reap benefits from the lucrative job offers.

By Swati Srivastava