Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone ( Rak Ftz)

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Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone ( RAK FTZ) offers the most great value business destinations some of the free trade zones. Created in the season 2000, they have grown very fast t end up being the home of greater than 4500 active businesses from100 countries.

RAK FTZ has a mission to draw value adding and know-how based innovative investments to promote the neighboorhood businesses. With a vision in order to become a universal brand as a premium investment destination, RAK FTZ is included in a solid growth path.

Driven by way of the values like social responsibility, evolution, Innovation, customer focus and employee development, RAK FTZ runs their business operations in effective and efficient manner. Located just 45 min from Dubai along with in proximity to other free trade zones, RAK FTZ has become in a position to carve a niche for itself through simplified and customer friendly approach and operations.

RAK FRZ has established trade promotion offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to facilitate growth and improved customer relations. A basic set f rules and regulations are developed to provide fair and equal treatment to all the employees, businesses and investors operating at RAK FTZ.

These rules cover the general areas like licensing, leasing, permitted activities, park and operations regulations, labor practices, security and disciplinary actions.

RAK FTZ has gotten many awards and accolades for the excellent services being rendered It’s also certified for ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 at the same time.

Advantages in Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone ( RAK FTZ):

RAK FTZ offers standard offices package for small start ups. This is introduced by using the license for business not to mention dedicated office space, contact number and advanced IT infrastructure. Services of a contemporary business centre may also be accessible.

A Flexi Desk package is also available as an inexpensive approach to enter in the market and is also a good way to test new market. This is later upgraded to an executive office suite. But this package does not permit a residence visa.

Executive office suites are perfect solutions for companies requiring a permanent presence in UAE. These include found in flexible eligible and sizes for four resident visas at the same time.

Ware houses of sizes 150 to 416 square meters are offered for storage as well as light assembly and manufacturing activities. They are located in the industrial park near Al Saqr sea port and Technology Park close to the Ras Al Khaimah airport.

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone ( RAK FTZ) now offers an innovative product where international companies can register making use of the International Registry Service. This particular service is especially designed for companies going to minimize tax liability, creating a business with a nominal equity investment, seeking asset protection as well as to establish an exchange control trading vehicle.

That is available through registered offshore agents. These could have single director and don’t need AGM and various such formalities.

Different plots are available for establishment and development of industries. These plots are accessible from 5000 square meters and are avalable with amenities like onsite staff accommodation, easy access to manpower and 24X7 accesses.

Another unique feature is the Academic zone in which the educational facilities like colleges and universities can establish themselves and supply their services in direction of the local market. These could be colleges, universities, academic infrastructure providers, training centers and distance education centers.

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone ( RAK FTZ) offers a one stop solution for starting an organization in UAE and possesses a number of required services readily available to the investors. For instance business licensing, visa sponsorship, legal services as well as other related services.

With an incredibly client centric approach and innovative product options, RAK FTZ is continuing to grow from strength to strength.


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