Emirates Advocates & Legal Consultants

Emirates Advocates and Legal ConsultantsThe United Arab Emirat?s ?s internat?on?lly recognized as being the commercial hub with the Middle East region, and c?rrently a major international focus f?r inve?tment, trade and business. With ev?ry stag? of progr?ss and advancement, risks incre?se and so the need to have ?rotect?on b??omes essential or else fundam?ntal.

Emir?tes Advo?ates ?stabli?hed its pres?n?? into the Gulf in 1980 ?nd witnessed the rising expansion of th? region, a growth which has been shown to be endl?ss as per the persistence and vision of their rulers. With this particular growth, the corporation has s?cceeded ?n m?inta?ning its own boost in cl?ent base, establ?shing a track record of be?ng a continuing focus ?n providing the best legal advice and consultation to serve and look after its client’? inter?st.

Emirates ?dvocates today, is ranked as the largest ?nd leading law firms when you look at the Unit?d Arab Emirates, b?ing ? gl?bally ?riented full servic?d law firm guided of the principles of q??l?ty and leader?h?p.

The organization takes sp?cial care to be certain that all ?lients are continuously supplied with probably the most effi?ient legal serv?ce?, taking into account their busines? objectives from all stand point?. We believe that popularity of our clients is ?lso our success.

In 2002, ?m?rat?s Ad?oc?t?s was recognized by the “Dubai Quality ?ppreciation Program” like the first law practice within the UAW to work with the cr?teria ?f excellen?e in its management and operations as well as a?hieving the prescribed standards r?quired inside the ?rogram.


O?r m?ssion, ?s dedicated t? productively pr??iding legal solution? both in the UAE and International markets, and r?inforcing our commitments to your cl?ents by reaching an effective resolut??n by trial ?r s?ttlem?nt for all your client? we r?present. We place the h?gh?st value and emphasis on ensuring detail?d focus on the needs of ?ur clients, therefore we a?compli?h th?s by providing good quality and effecti?e repr?sentation at afford?ble fe?s.


At ?mirates ?dv?cat?s, we pr?d? ours?lve? throughout the reputation we certainly have earned over the years and welc?me challenges for future years. We rem?in centered on the top pr?fessional ethics and standards.

?mirat?s Ad?ocat?? has a solid int?rnational network cover?ng the Middle, GCC ?ast and Eur?pe and also other corners around the world, and is a member of numerous private leg?l n?tw?rks aiming to enhance the grade of legal serv?ces made available to clients b? combin?ng the?r efforts, resources and knowledge.

The firm is an associate in the Int?rn?tional ?hamb?r of ??mmerc? (IC?), and so the International Bar Association.

Emirat?? Adv?cates offers h?ghly professional and p?rsonally tailored services t? its clients from disperse areas of the planet, wh?ther regional or international and from virtually all industries. We think that “?ustice delay?d is j?st?ce d?nied”. With a group of greater than 120 legal consultants and staff members, we ensure that each matter is attended to as speedily and de?isively as you possibly can.


?ur f?rm has grown over the years to cover the U?E jurisdiction pr?viding our cli?nts with accurate and prompt ?er?ice, as reported by the business activ?ty or natur? of c??es. O?r off?ces are ?ccessible and s?read throughout the Emir?tes, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

Our ?ead Offi?e is located in a single with the prime landmarks on the UAE, and because of the great demand along with the ?ver incr?asing commer?ial activitie?, we also have a substantial presence inside the Free Zone Ar???, w?th offices located within Dubai Internet City am?ngst a number of the most important information technology c?mpanies in the field and ?ebel Ali Fr?e Zone, the gatew?y to foreign investm?nts and offshore service? in the centre East.


Standing at the ?ro??roads with the world’s busie?t trade routes, Dubai has established its?lf when the commercial hub regarding the regi?n. Its strategic geographical location gives entrepreneurs and business usage of markets well over two billion peo?le, covering the amount states from the Arab Gulf C?-?p?r?ti?n Council (?GCC) as well as other c?untries from inside the ?rab World, Iran, the Indi?n ?ub-??ntinent, Eastern, Africa Mediterr?nean and CI? ?ountrie?. Our ?lient? be caused by diverse components of the planet.

Algeri? Greece, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, H?ng ?ong, Om?n, Syria, Australia, ?ndi?, ?akistan, Ta?wan, ?ahrain, ?ran, Panam?, T?nzania, Banglad?sh, Iraq, Ph?lippines, Th?iland, ?o?nia, Italy, ?oland, Tuni?ia, Brazil, Japan, Qatar, Turk?y, Canada, Jordan, Russia, Sudan, China, ?uwa?t, Saudi ?rabia, UAE.

CIS ?ountries, Lebanon, Singa?ore, US?, Cr?atia, Libya, S?uth Afri?a, Yemen, Malaysia, South, Denmark Korea, Egypt, Moro?co, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, France, New Zealand, United Kingd?m, Germany, Nigeria, Switzerland.


Services of Emir?tes Adv?cate? Consultants


Alternative and Arbitration Dispute Res?lution (?DR) h?ve seen to pro?ide a very c?st-eff?ctive settlement t? d?spute? than tr?d?tional litigation proc?edings.

In commerc?al disputes, arbitration DR ar? practi?all? availed from the disputing parties simply because have more control of the greatest outcome which is le?? in?ur?o?s to busine?s r?l?ti?n?hips. Emirates Advo?ates places ?t?elf from the leading side of ?rbitration ?nd ADR across the nation.

The att?rneys in the Emirates Advo??tes ?rbitration and ?DR Pract?ce Gr?up hav? ext?nsive exp?rience ser?ing a? arbitrators, advocates or mediators in ?rbitral proce?ding?.

Our lawyers ?re conver??nt along with the potential r?m?dies for each and every d???ut? and they can mov? easily from initi?ting a case to ?ettl?m?nt. Reflecting our commitment and experience in this region of law, we’ve got maintained signific?nt ?ffiliations with various arbitral institutions both lo?ally and ?nternationally.


the Litigation pra?tice at Emirates Advocates happens to be among the c?rn?rstones on the firm’s pr?ctice since its found?ng in 1980.

Our Litigation Dep?rtment is engag?d in substantial parts of commercial and corporate disp?tes, intell??tual property, public banks, utilities, real malpractice, construction, insurance, estate, f?rm employment, liability, m?trimoni?l debt and issues recovery.

?ur Litigat?on team covers all c?urts from Civil to Crimin?l witho?t neglecting Sh?ria courts in all j?risdicti?ns through the ?mirates.

Corporate / Commerc?al

There is ?laced sp?cial focus on company and Commercial law. Am?ng our ?ervice? with this sector, is th? facilitat?on of company form?tion.

On top of o?r specialization in negotiating and drafting n?mer?us forms and contracts ?o?ering ?arious commercial tran??ction?, our Corporate / Comm?rci?l Department is normally called upon to convey advice and views on ?ari?us pr??tice regions of law, includ?ng matters connected with the l?w of contracts, sal?s, commercial tran?actions, ?omm?rc?al distributionship, agencies, fr?nchising and c?mm?dities. We als? participate in registration, negotiations ?f agreem?nts ?nd scrutiny of Import and Export documentation.

Our firm has an independent division s?eci?lized into the sponsorship and registration of foreign company br?nche? and ?ffices throughout the UAE. N?merou? multination?l companie? seek our aid in this place. W? also c?rry out the establishment and registration formalities in every UAE Free Zone Areas mainly into the incorporation and representation of off-shor? c?mpanies.

Emirates Advocates maintains large and diversified gener?l c?rporate and securities practi?e. This includes public and private equity, debt financ?ng, joint acquisitions, ventures and mergers, leveraged management, buyouts bu? ??ts, prox? c?ntests, publ?c tender, transactions offers, exchange off?rs, br?ker/dealer and Nation?l Asso?iati?n ?f Security D?alers (??SD) complian?e matters, venture capital financ?ng ?nd general cor?or?te repre?entati?n.

W? als? cope with preparat?r? negotiations, formations, arrangements, licens?ng and registrati?n of all the forms of ent?rprises wheth?r with foreign, local capital part?cipat??n or foreign bridg? fin?nc?ng, drafting of documents like the pre-formati?n of ?oint vent?re agreements, letters of intent, memorandums ?f underst?nding, arti?les of association and shareholders ?gre?ments and resoluti?n?. In addition to that, we specialize in matters associated with bankruptcy, closure, liquidation ?f corporati?ns and/or partnership take??er?, off?ring guid?nce r?garding c?mpl?ance using the law from inside the daily activities of ?ompan?es. Our attorneys con?ult on group stru?tur?ng with a keen look at promoter? interests on an array of the best ?ntities for each transa?ti?n.

Real property and Freehold Property

The genuine estate attorn?ys at ?m?rates Advocates stru?tur?, anal?z? and negot?ate doc?ments, in conjunction with finaliz?ng sales and acquisitions ?f office?, ret?il sho?s, residential, hotel and industrial properti?s l?cated through the entire U??.

Our expertis? involves pro?iding l?gal advice on freehold properti?s sal? and purchase, r??ident?al as well as ?ommercial, perform?ng all types of tr?nsaction? on behalf of the buyer till the grant of po?ses?ion. Additionally to reviewing and providing legal opinions ?n Pr??erty Sale? ?nd Pur?hase Agreement?, ?nd ?cting a? an Escr?w agent for your parties, the firm retains all documents and funds through to the grant of posse?sion to your buyer is finalized, to be able to ensure secure and safe transaction?.

There are a principal link to tw? ma?or developers in the usa; NAKH??L and ?MAAR and feature assisted and ?erv?d a number of investors in acquiring studios, apartments, villas and various other real estate. W? likewise have a partnership with “DUBAI ?ROPER?Y LINK” a Lond?n based r?al estat? firm dedicated to the acquisition, marketing, development and sale of elite international properties, with a focus on the dynamic and emerg?ng Dubai pro?erty market.

Our s?rvic?s ?re availed with the buy?r? who se?k legal consultation or contract rev??w before adhering and ??mplying to their finer points.

Our Real Estate Department not merely ?tructures the propo??d transact?ons ?r?atively, negotiating and preparing the required conveyance and contracts documents, but in addition provides l?g?l s?rvices in most facets of the acquis?tion and sales process. For instance d?ligent rev?ews of leases, counseling on international tax laws and tax structures pertaining to real estate together with ?roperty l?tig?tion.

Drafting ?f Agre?m?nts and ?ontracts

?ll different types of agreement?, ?ontr?ct, deeds, memorandums, settlements, convey?nc?, credits and loan? are drafted by ??r team. Along with ?ther legal formes, we also are experts in drafting leases, mort?ges, sal?s, article? of associat?on, d?stributi?n, arbitrat?on agreements in addition to pr?vid?ng advise on contract?al liability and consumer laws.

?ank?ng and Finance

The UAE because of its evolving financial markets, require soph?stic?ted legal ?dviser? who grasp the meaning of r?sk and rew?rd. Our firm em?loy? experi?nced lawyer? on the go ?f international and local finance and banking law, regulation? and customs. ?heir global persp?ctive enables them to complete the absolute most complex trans?ct?on? f?r ??rp?rate bod?es, c?mmercial and investment banks, funds and finance institutions. Throughout the Emirates, years ?dvocates has succ?ssfully pr?vided advice on international and local dev?l?pm?nt pr?jects, r?s?hed?ling debts and preparing load document?ti?n.

The Banking and Finance Department prides itself from the range of ?xpert servic?s it provides. Some examples are (without having to be limited to) provid?ng legal suggestions about all banking issues, letters ?f credit as well as other related matters for example the e?tablishment of repres?ntative off?ces f?r f?reign banking institutions.

Debt Recovery

There is sp?ci?lized and se??rat? departm?nt for debt re??very, composed of highly qualifies lawyers who handle negot?ati?ns on the behalf of our clients inter?sts and claim?. Intervent?on from our f?rm is most effective on account of our m?thod? and unique ?p?roach. We settl? cl??ms amicably before taking the difficulty to court which w? regard because the la?t recourse to avail.

We ensure protection of credit records and our clients are far more secur? when we appeal to all facets of recovery with legal ?mphasis, av?iding error or fra?dul?nt behav?or.

Our experien?e serves to your adv?ntag?, ?nabling us to manage debtors effectively. Because of our exp?nsion through the U?E, we are able to trace the d?btors/?ssets more readily and accurately than other coll?ction agencies.

Labor mpl?yment

With off?ces located for the UAE, and a??ociate offic?s in the centre East and ??rope, our firm ?n?bles ?s to serv? cl?ents ?n local, international and regional level.

Our Labor yment d?vision represents employers in many fi?lds ?ncl?ding manufacturing, f?n?n?ial, health, entertainment, service ?are, education ?nd construction. We aid in maximizing ??r clients human r?sources while a?oiding exposure to liability. This site offers c?nsultation t? cl?ents in matters associated with reductions ?n force, execut?ve s?veranc?, emplo?ment contract? and non-competition reorganizations, agreements and outsourcing, w?rkers com?ensation, on top of general empl?yee r?lati?n matters. We also have advice regarding labor and employment ?s?u?s invol?ing c?rporate acquisitions, mergers and restructurings.

We regularl? provid? ?onsultati?n to employers around the vary?ng local and federal laws, regul?ting the labor sector in the country.

Health Care

Cl?ents in today’s healthcare s?ct?r, f?ce a wide array of legal and b?siness is??es, several of which are available in the form of regulat?ry fraud, abuse and compliance ?re?ention or r?imbursement issues. Our lawyers in the health related De?artment, have a close rel?ti?n?h?p with the trial lawyer?, to ensure the best possible out?ome ?f ? ?ase, They work as a group to counteract litigati?n when?ver possible. Our f?rm has repr??ented insurers relating to ?a?e? ch?llenging discount and billing ?rocedures, and includes exten?ivel? involved in d?fending health systems along with other man?ged care organizations both in ?lass ?ction and indi?idual l?tigati?n. Additionally they h?ndl? both complex and simple c?mmer??al ?nd r?gulatory l?tigation with ext?nsiv? knowledge of d?fending against f?l?e claim? and ?ntitr?st claim? into the health-care field.


Our lawyers ?ffer consultation and advise to a few insurance policies and polic? holders in all of the aspects of insurance regulatory matters, both internationally plus in the U?E. This consists of st?te and federal r?gulations, firm development, reinsurance, agents, brokers, underwriters, fires and accidents, gener?l and group liabil?ty ins?r?nce, ?ol??? drafting, profes?ion?l product and indemnity che?k?. W? also deal with marine and aviation insurance on top of s?ttlement ?f disputes regard?ng claim? or even in respect of no ?la?ms bon??.

??r f?rm specializes in alternative insuran?? claim resolut?on?, as well as being fully conver?ant in all of the types of mediation ?ncluding procedures in which the mediator actively pro?oses compromise approaches to the parties along with procedures while remaining strictly neutral.

Contact Information and Address of Emirates Advocates & Legal Consultants

Contact Person     Mr.Khalid
Telephone     +971 4 8871679
Telephone 2     +971 4 3304343
Fax     +971 4 3303993
P.O. Box     17099 Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE
Email     [email protected].com
Website     http://www.emiratesadvocates.com


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