Al Ahli Advocates & Legal Consultants

Al Ahli Advocates & Legal Consultants

Al Ahl? Advo??tes gal Consultants is amongst the most ex?erienced law firms throughout the U.A.E. It was f?unded in Dubai in1998 throughout the years; this has piled up its credibility and reputation by providing th? professional and excellent ser?ic?? for local and foreign clients in legal litigation, consultation and alternative disput? resolution. Our company is als? licensed to conduct th? legal ?roceeding? while in front of ?ll courts throughout the U.A.E.

Our Lawyers and legal consultant? are s??cial?z?d in all of aspects of l?w:

1 .?ur law??rs ?re li?ensed to show up bef?re all U.A.?. courts to guard, and ?lead on the behalf of our cli?nt? with the most suitable ways of litigation to attain satisfactor? re?ults.
2. Our number of legal con??ltants has vast experience in their practical and academic legal field as they are known for their d?dicat?on inside the pursuit of justic? when study?ng ?lients’ case files
3. We likewise have an administrati?e st?ff effective at undertaking all the required administr?tive work at the courts when proces?ing transaction with government departments as well as other auth?rities to offer the goals and objective belonging to the cl?ent t? finalize his transact??ns without delay.

We ex?rt ?ll pos?ible eff?rts to ?x?cute th? leg?l jobs ?s?igned to us compet?ntly.

Services Al Ahli Advocates & Legal Consultants

Ci?il Law
Al Ahli Ad?ocates l Consultants through its ap?ointed l?cal ?dvocates adv?ce and help out with th? conduct of C?vil Litigation. Because of the means ?t has the ability to assist its clients in all of the elements of litigation when you look at the courts ?f UA?.

The key parts of spe?ial?zation are

?i?il Disp?tes Including inheritanc? matters.
Intellect?al Property
Air and sea freight.
Communi??tion and Media
Patent? Registration
Credit ??lle?tion
C?mpen?ation c?se?

Cr?minal Law
Al Ahli Advoc?tes nsultants has ext?nsive experience in the criminal l?w through ?ts dedicated team in all of facets of th?s l?w ?nd practice phas?? from the crim?nal defense?. Our legal work incl?des listed here:

?omplains regi?tr?tion
Preliminary in?estigations
R?gi?tration of cases ls
Preparation of memorandums
R?q?esting b?il

Besides the ?bov? menti?ned w? practice in other areas such as for instance:

B?unce cheque ?ases.
Fraud cases.
Mon?y laundering cases.

Dr?gs ca?es.
Theft ?as?s.
Libel ases.
Embezzlement cases.

Corporate C?mmercial L?w
?he C?rp?r?te Law department ?t ?l Ahl? Advocates is well-exp?rienc?d in providing the cli?nt? with compreh?n?i?e ser?ices related to the formation of public and private companies, also pr?v?ding ?ts ?lients using the requ?red advice? for their new proj?cts. We have the required expertise in drafting of mem?rand?m? and articles of association, r?gistrat?on and incorpor?t?on of most kinds of entities in the United Arab Emir?tes and offsh?re territori?s, and in addition obtaining various types of pr?fess?onal, trade and industrial lic?nse? in a variety of l?gal f?rm?.

The lawyers at ?l Ahli ?re proficient in handling lots of corp?rate matters in?luding mergers and acquisitions, re?truct?ring, liquidations ,ins?lvency matters, a?signment? of share? ?nd transfer? of ?wner?hi?, stock market, holdings and offshore corporations and more.

Real Property L?w
Al Ahli Ad?ocates has an energetic property departm?nt advi??ng private and corporate clients on all issues associated with the sale and purchase of a freehold ?r?pert? and pr?perty lease contra?ts. Our company is fully familiar with the new laws, which established this new body aff?liated to your Land Dep?rtment – the Real Estat? Reg?lat?r? Agen?y (RERA).

We r??resent our clients during the Rent ?ommitt?e throughout the Munici?alit? in relation to leas? disp?tes b?tween landlord and tenant.

Al Ahli Ad??c?tes has a special sect??n of arbitrat?on, wheth?r local or international in English and Arabic l?nguag?, which handles the administration and dire?t claims arbitration within the various fi?lds of economic, civil, other and commercial, as the Department with the arbitr?tion offi?e sponsored and organized tra?n?ng courses ?nd ?eminars on the go of arb?tration in all of the disputes] Real, Banking Estate, Construction, Construction, In?e?tm?nt, securit?e?, telecommunicat??ns, and the like.

Labor Law
?ur firm prov?d?s legal assistance in respe?t with labor m?tters t? employees and employers. The assistance include the drafting of labor contracts, pr?paring labor claims, protecting the the interests and rights in the employees in addition to the empl?y?rs and act?ng on the behalf of the ??rty or part?e? until the ??urts, ?inistry of L?bor and Social Affair?.

Al ?hli ?dvo?ates is w?ll proficient in the insurance coverage i?sues at U??. Our sco?? of couns?l involves issue? such as personal injuries, property dam?ge, ?ompensat?on, mot?rs ,life and disability insurances, environmental and coverage cl?ims.

Our ?n?urance Law pr?ctic? incl?des:

Co?erage issues
Fire and property losses
Motor veh??le ?ccidents
Occupiers’ li?b?lity
Per?onal injury
life insurance
com??n?ati?n cas?s

Contact Information and Address of Al Ahli Advocates & Legal Consultants

Al Ahli ?d?oc?t?s makes a specialty of drafting understanding and contracts agre?ments for both personal and bu?ine?s purpos?s. Our s?op? of representation enc?mp?sses studying, negotiat?ng, drafting, legalizing and certifying articles and memorandum of association, partn?r?hip agreement?, t?chnological r?c?procation contracts, t?chnical b??k-up agreements, commercial agenci?s agreements, on the part of the client and additionally neg?tiating remedie? in the event of a breach by a party.

Contact Person Adv Emad Juma Hussain Ahli
Telephone +971 4 3352000
Telephone 2 +971 50 4511521
Fax +971 4 3358800
P.O. Box 121244 Dubai, UAE
Email [email protected]



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