Adpower Fzco


Adpower FZCO is a prominent supplier of ?ower s?lutions, dedicated to sale f DIESEL GE??RAT?RS, POWER TOOL and ACCESSORIES.Established ?n 2001 in Duba?, U.A.E. and ten years young, ADPOWER enjo?? r?solute brand loyalt? in a number of countri?s in Africa along with the Middle Eastern Countries. We’ll be c?nstantly wanting to ex?and our client b?se in new?r m?rket?, currently serving custom?r? in o?er 15 ??untries. ?ur key str?ngth is in heavy ex-stocking ca?ab?lities, with a good logi?tical network and distribution channels setu? in order to satisfy urgent d?l?very requirem?nt? in our time-?onsci?us customers.

ADPOWER ???plie? diesel generat?rs to an enormous range of clients, rang?ng diver?ely in industries not to mention countri?s. Some of our recent l??al pr?ject? in?lud? Internati?nal Cit?, Palm Jume?rah and Dub?i ??tro; with intern?ti?nal cli?nts along with the likes of Taise? Corp?ration, Van?rd, VFR and ?elesom Somali?.

Why Adpower ?

We grasp the mechanics as well as the econ?mics of p?wer generation r prim?ry ?im will be add valu? for end-cust?m?r?, which is why our primary focu? remains on quick availability of quality gensets h br?nds by partn?ring with some of the worlds leading m?nufacturers.

Adpower Gener?ting set? IVE?O-aif? range

Reliable power out of your world leading m?nufacturer. Ever? generator set is put through an extensive t?st program which include full load te?ting and also the checking ?nd pro?ing of all of the control ?nd ?afety sh?t-down functions.

Delivered in a full package this is ready to be loaded with fuel and linked to your power c?ble.

Fully engineered with many different o?tions and acce?sorie?: electrical, sound attenuated enclosures and roadworthy tra?lers.

Standard Volt?ges: 50?Z, 308-416 V?lts 3 Phas?

Die??l G?nerat?rs

Located in Jeb?l Ali, (Dubai) U.A.E. Adpower FZCO ?s the leading stockist of Perkin?-power?d generat?rs. Our ?erk?ns range provides you with Meccalt? Deep and alternator Sea control interface. Adpower generators are easy to operate intain, compact ng.

Spare Part?

  •    Usage of Iveco s?are parts program, trac?able by m?del no/serial
  •    ??ne?t di?count pricing because of contain?r orders
  •    FP? repair kits: solution to push ?a?kage
  •    Support/ A?ailability ?f di?c?ntinued di?sel engin? parts
  •    1200 items ?tored

?rodu?t su?port

Product sup??rt is actually key area in our b?siness. We sto?k ?mergency and f?st m?v?ng part? in J?bel Ali and pr?mpt sh?pment ke?ps ?ustomers pow?r ?nit running with minimum down times. A team of exp?rt eng?neers from our principals is definitely available to support the gener?tors we ?ell.

We aim to develop a l?n-term bu?in??s relation?hip w?th good ??mpan?es to pr?mot? I?eco aifo and Lombardini ?r?ducts.

ADPOWER FZCO Contact Information

Contact Person:     Mr. Mohammad Haris
Telephone:     +971 4 8833456
Telephone 2:     +971 4 8833457
Fax:     +971 4 8833458
P.O. Box:     17305 Dubai, UAE
Email:     [email protected]



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