Aceromet Fzco

ACEROMET FZCOACEROMET FZCO is just one of the larg?st stockiest, trader and processors of 100% St?inless Steel pr?ducts and ?p?rates ?ince 1998 fr?m ? facility spr??d ?v?r 50,000 Sq.Ft at J?b?l Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We ma?ntain a big in?entory of St?inl?ss Steel products like, ?heets, c?ils, b?rs, tubes, fittings etc in var?ed nt ?izes, grades s enabling us t? serve our client? in ?onstruct?on, Fo?d Industry, ?ardware, Kitchen Equipment?, ?etal Fabric?t?rs, ??l Field? chem?cal and etc… with best suited ?f materi?l and serv?c? of prom?t delivery.

We are now al?? equ?pped for processing w?th fully automated plant chinery for cutting the c?ils into ?heets ?nd polishing sheets of desired ?izes ?nd finish r?s?ectiv?ly.

Our ever grow?ng s?t?sfied ?ustom?rs data base ?n?lud?? greater than 500 c??tomers that has grown from 50 in as little as three y?ars, are found l?cally in Unit?d Arab Emir?tes, Middle Eastern Countries .

The main key to achieve your goals and rapid growth i? our commitment of providing best suited of ?ervice ?nd products at very c?m?etiti?e pr?ces to your v?lued customer?.


Coil? are obtainable in a wide selection of custom and standard grades, finishes and sizes, includ?ng No.1, SB, BA, 2B, and N?.4 and s Sheets are offered in a wide selection of standard and custom sizes and finishes, including No.1, ??, SB, 2B (?old annealed, rolled ckled, and skin passed), HL, No.4 and No.8 and No.8 (mirr?r finish).

Thickness: 0.40mm ~ 6.0mm
Grade: 304, 304L, 309, 310S, 316, 316L, 321, 201, 202, 409, 410, 420, 430, DU?L?X
F?n?shes: HL, NO.4, SB, 2D, NO.1, BA, 2B, NO.8

Thickn?ss: 3.0mm ~ 100mm
Grade: 304, 304L, 309, 310?, 316, 316L, 321, DUPLEX
Fini?he?: N?.1, 2D

An extensive assortment ?f standard ?nd customized round, sq?are ?nd rectangular tubes and pipes in several surfa?? fini?hes can be found, including 304 L and 316 L/ 316T?.

Many different equal and unequal angle? in an array of s?ze? and common grades, in?l?d?ng 304 L and 316 L are available.

A large variety of ro?nd, flat and square bars are obtainable.

A wide variety of ?tainles? steel f?tting? are accessible, from balls, valves, elbows and coupling to pipe, tees fitt?ngs, fl?nges, and lots of more

Decorative sheets, titanium c?ating and color ?h?ets – over to 75% stronger and longer
l?st?ng than ordinary ?heet metal – are usually obtainable in ?erforated, etched and embossed de?igns.

AC?ROMET FZCO Company Cont??ts
Conta?t Person: M?. J?sef?na
Telephone: +971 4 8812606
T?l?phon?: 2
Fax: +971 4 8812607
?.?. Box: 17406 D?bai, U?E
Email: [email protected]?romet.c?m


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