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About Transmed Overseas Incorporated

Transmed is a full service provider, handling and controlling the whole supply value chain. Our services cover supply chain, logistics, distribution, sales and promotions with best in class performance. Created in Lebanon since 1946, Transmed focused on the supply of an extremely extensive variety of Family and Personal Care Products from Procter & Gamble and Clorox, and in parallel developed the supply of Food products beginning with Mars confectionery variety, and enlarged it through the years to contain McCain, Danone baby food, United Biscuits, Kellogg’s, Mondelez, Bahlsen, Perfetti, Siblou, Junior croissants, Castania kernels, Walkers biscuits in addition to many other brands.

Transmed continued enlarging its portfolio and managed to penetrate other markets in the areas of the Middle East, Near East, West and East Africa, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal and others. The sales businesses are arranged in groups of products, each having its own dedicated sales team to give the correct focus by product and by customer. These groups cover directly all stations including modern commerce, wholesale, conventional and specialty stations. Not only might we care about our customers, Transmed additionally chooses and keeps top talents across all functions and supply them with on going training and development plans to help them progress in their own careers and enhance their business contribution in line with their professional aspirations and the company’s needs. Transmed optimizes the usage of information and telecommunication technology to supply the maximum operational efficiency and accessibility to online real time data across all functions. We work in full cooperation and transparency with our Business Associates, sharing data in order to behave in a timely and successful fashion to react to the needs of the business

Transmed has a well-recognized Foodservice business, and offers a big collection of superior products and fixings coupled with a customer centric service, making it a leading player in supplying a broad variety of eateries and hospitality customers across its markets. We’re keen on developing our network of business associates in the various marketplaces and on working with new partners in developing the supply of their quality consumer products and brands.

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