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Royal Aesthetica Poly Clinic Company Profile

Royal Aesthetica Poly Clinic is a rapidly growing polyclinic based in Jumeirah, Dubai, belonging to the prestigious Royal Group Companies. Led by the respected H.E Sultan Essa Al Matrooshi, the clinic offers a range of beauty-enhancement services with minimally-invasive aesthetic procedures.

The clinic’s team comprises qualified and board-certified doctors and accredited practitioners who are highly skilled in using the latest medical technology and techniques with FDA-approved products. Despite providing advanced treatments, the clinic is committed to making them affordable to all.

Royal Aesthetica Poly Clinic aims to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience for its patients. In addition to advanced treatments by experts, the clinic has a cafeteria and a flower shop, allowing patients and their attendants to unwind and relax before or after their treatments.

The clinic follows all COVID-19 protocols to abide by official healthcare guidelines and ensure the safety of their clients. With a commitment to safety, affordability, and customer satisfaction, Royal Aesthetica Poly Clinic is becoming a top choice for those seeking beauty-enhancement services in Dubai.

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