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Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC Dubai LLC) Careers and Job Vacancies

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Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC Dubai LLC)  Company Profile

The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC Dubai LLC) is a family-run enterprise that prioritizes people in its operations. With a vision to open up opportunities for customers through sustainable and robust shipping and logistics solutions, the company is committed to supporting infrastructure, economies, and the environment across all its regional and international trade routes.

MSC Dubai LLC’s integrated global network of road, rail and sea transport, as well as logistics solutions, allows for the safe and efficient delivery of a wide range of goods, including essential items such as medicine and fresh produce, as well as luxury products like cars and precious commodities.

With over 675 local offices in 155 countries, the company is well-equipped to facilitate international trade between major economies and emerging markets. Its 150,000 employees work closely with customers to deliver goods and services to local communities and international business partners.

The company’s solutions include overland transportation, logistics, and a growing portfolio of port terminal investments. Additionally, its modern fleet is equipped with the latest green technologies and features a range of smart containers, setting a standard in the shipping industry in terms of environmental responsibility and customer awareness.

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